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5 Sure Fire Ways to Ruin Your Marriage

2013 February 28
by The Marriage Coach

1. Criticism – Healthy marriages are built on encouragement and compliments. Constant nagging and criticism doesn’t help your husband or wife, it simply makes them want to avoid you. If you want to ruin your marriage, just insist on pointing out your spouse’s faults. 

2. Deception – There’s no room in marriage for ‘little white lies’. If you want to wreck your marriage, just keep a few secrets from your spouse. Convince yourself that it’s for his/her own good or that you don’t want to hurt their feelings by telling them the truth.

3. Infidelity – There’s more than one way to be unfaithful to your husband or wife. Infidelity happens when one person shares something that should be shared only with his/her spouse. This could be personal thoughts, gifts, or acts of affection.

4. Abuse – Physical, verbal, or mental abuse have no place in any relationship. If you insist on hurting those closest to you or if you are the one being hurt, get help. It doesn’t have to continue.

5. Excessive input – If you really want to destroy your marriage, always turn to your parents for marriage advice when you have a disagreement with your spouse. Make sure that everyone around you knows your ‘side of the story’ and how your husband/wife screwed up.

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