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Game Over or Game On?

2010 November 30
by The Marriage Coach

So I’m sitting at a traffic light yesterday and I notice that the car in front of me has stuff written all over it.  Well, just on the windows.  You know, in white shoe polish.  Obviously, it was a couple who had just been married.  Everyone that passed by seemed to notice and waved to them like long lost friends.  The light changed and the couple were off.  Oddly enough, they headed in the same direction as the car wash.  Coincidence?  I think not.

And then I saw it, it was written in big block letters across the back window, “JUST MARRIED!” and underneath that was the words, “GAME OVER”.  Pretty sad, huh?   I know that it was meant to be funny and that’s why you decorate a car at a wedding.  The back windshield of a car isn’t exactly the place for a profound statement about marriage.  But with that said, of all the things that could have been written there…that was it.   Game over.  I cringed.

The truth is, when we get married the game isn’t over, it’s “on” or at least it should be.  This brings me to the point of this post, adventure and fun.  Couples need it.  One of my favorite authors, John Eldredge often writes about how couples need to intentionally plan adventure into their marriages.  In their book, “Love and War”, John and his wife Stasi write:

“Whether it is camping in the Tetons or traveling to New York to see a Broadway show, the excitement and mystery of adventure can be strong coffee for a marriage.  The new sights and sounds, the need to pull together to erect a tent or hail a cab – and yes, all the tensions also – they awaken us from the dulling effect of the daily grind and make us more alive to our world, to each other and to God.”  (“Love and War”, p. 109)

How true that is.  We all need adventure in our lives and marriages but we tend to factor it out.  We play it safe and settle for the adventure of simply getting to and from work.  Deep down we all know that we were meant for more.  We’re wired for adventure and our marriages need it.

So what adventures do you have planned for you and your spouse?  If you cannot think of any, maybe it’s time to put something on the calendar.  Game on…

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  1. Meg permalink
    November 30, 2010

    Actually, my husband and I have just recently went on our first weekend get away (alone) since our first child was born in 2006…yes, its been over 4 years! I have to admit, it was kind of awkward at first because I am so used to playing role of mommy in the car, at the table, getting ready for bed and even during the night. After I was reassured that my children were being well taken care of, and starting to have adult conversations with my husband, I was able to appreciate the one on one time with my husband MORE than I expected to. Even thou we had an agenda, we were able to talk, plan, and set goals for our family in a relaxing and enjoyable setting!

    I TOTALLY recommend “mommy and daddy” weekend get aways (adventures) in order to grow a more fruitful family! Everything we thought was difficult, at home, became funny and insignificant when we removed ourself from everyday life 🙂 We were able to wrap our mind around the BIG PICTURE again and it was SO REFRESHING!!!

    It has been said that the “man is the Head of the home, the Woman is the heart of the home and the children are the HOPE of the home.” However, in the big picture (our gift of Life) I have grown to believe that if GOD is the HEAD of a marriage, the Bible is the HEART of marriage, then the couple gives HOPE for others to have STRONG marriages!!! I say, “keep your eye on the ball (the big picture, the prize, etc…)” because with obedience to our God, THRU MARRIAGE, we are given the gifts of HOPE and PLANS for an AMAZING FUTURE as! If taking adventures away from everyday life allows us to keep our eyes set on THE BIG PICTURE………I say GAME ON!!!!!!!

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