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How to Have a Healthy Relationship

2012 December 26

How to have a Healthy Relationship

Want to know how to have a healthy relationship?  Start by evaluating these five essential areas of your marriage.

How to have a Healthy Relationship

Respect – If you want a healthy relationship, you have to maintain a a high level of respect.  Both husbands and wives need to know that they are loved unconditionally, valued, appreciated, and worth pursuing.

For more on how to increase the level of respect in your marriage, please see this great article called “How to bring more love and respect into your marriage”.

Communication – Clear, open and honest conversation is essential to strong and healthy relationships. Couples must be able to relate well, resolve conflicts without name calling and extend forgiveness frequently.  In order for a marriage to remain healthy and strong no topic can be ‘off limits’.

Faith – It’s critical that husbands and wives encourage each other spiritually.  In a healthy relationship, each person is committed to understanding the other person’s beliefs and thoughts related to religion and faith.  One of the best things that we can do for our spouses is to help him/her grow in their relationship with God.

Sacrifice – People in strong marriages know the importance of serving one another and the value of teamwork.  Marriages thrive when both individuals are willing to make personal sacrifices for their spouse’s benefit.

Finances – With financial disagreements being one of the leading factors behind many divorces, it’s critical for husbands and wives to share similar financial goals, to manage assets together as a team and to work to eliminate debt together.  For a great article on money and marriage, see “Ten Money Mistakes that can Ruin your Marriage”.


How to have a Healthy Relationship


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