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How to Save a Marriage

2012 January 25

Ok, so you want to know how to save a marriage because it seems like your relationship has reached the point of no return.  I’m here to tell you that it hasn’t.

You are reading this right now because you have a desire to get back what was lost.  That’s a good sign.  If neither of you had that desire I say you should search for articles on ‘how to get a divorce’ instead articles on ‘how to save a marriage’!

The good news is this, you care and you’re willing to fight for your marriage or you wouldn’t be here.  That’s a good starting point!

So what now?  Well, now all that you need is the right tools to save your marriage.  Think about it like this, say someone is really out of shape physically.  One of the best ways for him/her to get back in shape would be to get a personal trainer or a coach right?   A coach would do three basic things: 

1)  Evaluate the person’s current condition;  save a marriage,

2)  Identify his/her strengths and weaknesses; save a marriage,

3)  Recommend certain tools/exercises to strengthen the weak spots;

4)  Offer motivation and encouragement to keep moving forward; h

Those are the things that a good coach does when someone is weak and wants to get in shape.  Guess what?  Those are the same four things that  a weak marriage needs and that’s why we’re here!

So you want to know how to save a marriage?  You’ve come to the right place!  Start by taking the marriage quiz.  It will enable you to quickly evaluate your marriage, identify the strengths and weaknesses of your relationship, and recommend specific resources to help your weak spots.  

Getting your marriage score is a great starting point because you cannot know exactly what work needs to be done until you evaluate where you are.  We’re glad that you’re here!  

Please look around and check out the marriage quiz.  It could very well be the first step in saving your marriage!

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