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Is My Marriage in Trouble? Top Five Warning Signs That It’s Time to Get Help

2011 December 30

Marriage Trouble

So you suspect that your marriage is in trouble but how do you really know if it’s time to get help? Here are a few warning signs. If any of these hurtful habits and behaviors exist in your relationship, it’s time to reach out and get help for you and your spouse. Marriage Trouble
1) Dishonesty – Good relationships are built on truth and trust. There’s no room for even the smallest bit of dishonestly between you and your spouse.  Marriage trouble.
2) Constant Criticism – We all should be able to take a bit of constructive criticism but if we can never say anything positive about our spouses and if one or both of you are hyper-critical then there’s a problem.
3) Abuse – There are many types of abuse…verbal, physical, and emotional. There is no room for any of it, period.
4) Infidelity – Just like there are many types of abuse, there are also many types of infidelity…sexual, emotional, or anything else that takes priority over our spouses and betrays his/her trust.  Marriage Trouble.
5) Disrespect – Great marriages have high levels of respect. If one or both of you don’t feel valued, appreciated and respected there’s a problem.

So what do you do if some of these things are currently at work in your relationship?

Take a few moments to take the MyMarriageCoach quiz. Your Coaching Report will reveal exactly where the ‘weak spots’ are in your marriage and help you get your hands on the resources that you need.  It’s without a doubt one of the best things that you can do to get your relationship headed back in the right direction.  

Get the help and the marriage advice that you need. Don’t wait and assume that things will automatically get better.   Marriage Trouble, advice, Marriage trouble, problems, marriage trouble.

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