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Love Dare

2011 August 15
by The Marriage Coach

Last Saturday night some friends invited my wife and me over to their house for dinner and a movie. Several other couples were invited and we all brought food for the occasion. We had fried chicken, black bean dip, cheesecake, and chocolate cake. Did I mention chocolate cake?

The sun started to set so it was cool enough for us to stay outside. My friend put a sheet on the back of his house, set up a projector, and when it got dark enough we settled into our lawn chairs for the movie.

The movie for the night was ‘Fireproof’ which is a film about a father who challenges his son to save his marriage by using a 40 day “love dare”. About half the crowd had seen it before but all felt it was worth seeing again. If you haven’t seen it, I highly recommend it. Here are just a few of its powerful lessons…

*Marriages improve when we stop focusing on changing our spouses and start looking at what needs to be changed in us.

*We can fight for all kinds of noble things and still neglect our marriages.

*Sometimes even those closest to you will tell you to give up on your marriage…don’t. It’s never too late to begin again.

*Infidelity is whatever you put before your spouse. This includes work, other people, sports, hobbies…you name it.

*When things get tough and you feel unappreciated, try even harder to encourage and serve your spouse. Change will come.

*If you don’t know where to begin, try loving your spouse as God loves you, faithfully and unconditionally.

>‘Fireproof’ is without a doubt one of the best marriage-building movies out there. It’s packed with all kinds of thought provoking stuff that will change your life and your marriage. If you haven’t seen it, grab it today. I dare you.

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