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Marriage Coaching

Our Goal    Marriage Coaching

Simply put, our goal is to strengthen marriages!  We strive to help couples identify relational strengths and weaknesses, then assist them in locating the best relationship resources available.  That’s it!

Our Story   Marriage Help

Not long ago it dawned on Rev. Jay Tenney, a pastor serving a church near Atlanta, Georgia, that many couples want to improve their marriages but they just need a little help getting their hands on the right resources.  He also realized that many couples won’t go to counselors or pastors for marriage advice, but in today’s world they might go online.

With that in mind, Tenney developed “”.  The project has taken over five years of research, several consultants, and two website development firms to complete.  The end result?  A high-tech, interactive, marriage assessment tool that’s creating quite a buzz.   The concept is simple but brilliant.  Couples sign on, respond to a series of questions individually or together, and instantly receive a two page “Coaching Report” which they can view online or print.  Each report list the strengths and weaknesses of the marriage, an overall marriage score, and a list of recommended resources.

While there are a handful of other marriage assessment sites online, they all seem to leave couples wondering what to do next. was designed to take the extra step of suggesting resources to each couple based on the information supplied.

The site isn’t intended to be a substitute for professional counseling or for couples whose marriages are in crisis.  In fact, those who sign on are encouraged to share their results with pastors or counselors.  The idea is to give couples a quick snapshot of their relationship, to get them talking about their strengths and weaknesses, and to help them get their hands on the resources they need.

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