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Dumpster Diving & Other Marriage Difficulties

2012 March 24
by The Marriage Coach

So my friend’s wife recycles.  That’s a good thing.   This week however, when she was on the way to the recycling center, she tossed her purse into one of the cardboard boxes then forgot about it.  You guessed it, the box with her purse got thrown into the dumpster with all the other cardboard she was dropping off.  Oops!

Unfortunately, she didn’t realize what she had done until she returned later in the day with some newspapers to recycle.  It was then that she also realized that the dumpster had been compacted.  Not good.

This is where the story takes a turn.  She calls her husband, tells him the news, and he lets her know that he’d be right there.  When he shows up he has a choice.  He can get angry at the situation or he can help his wife find her purse.  It’s that simple.  Marriage difficulties.

So what does he do?  He immediately goes dumpster diving.  No lecture.  No guilt trips.  No ‘why did you have to interrupt my day?’ comment muttered under his breath.  My friend jumped into a dumpster, dug threw tons of crushed boxes, and found his wife’s purse.

In marriage, difficulties can come at us from all directions.  Sometimes our spouses make honest mistakes.  In those moments we all have a choice.  We can rush in, make them feel worse and belittle them or we can dive in to help them.

My friend willingly dove into a dumpster because that’s what you do for your wife.  But that’s not the impressive part.  It’s not what he did but how he did it.  I don’t know many guys who would have responded so well.

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