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Mending a Broken Marriage

2013 June 25
by The Marriage Coach

Mending a Broken Marriage

The first step in mending a broken marriage is getting God involved & looking at the relationship through a spiritual lens.  There may be communication problems, infidelity, or destructive habits present but many times the real problem is that God has been edged out of the relationship.  Mending a broken marriage.  Mending a broken marriage.  

It can happen. We stand before God’s altar & vow to keep Him in the center of our marriages but sometimes He gets left out or pushed to the sidelines.   Mending a broken marriage.

So if your marriage is broken, instead of just focusing on the symptoms or blaming each other or someone else, step back & ask “What place have we given God in our marriage?”  Start there.  Ask the hard questions about the spiritual health of your marriage then you’ll be ready to tackle the other issues that you’re facing.  Mending a broken marriage.  Mending a broken marriage.

 Mending a Broken Marriage

Mending a broken marriage.  Mending a broken marriage. Mending a broken marriage.  Mending a broken marriage.

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