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Relationship Questions

2012 December 21

Maintaining a healthy marriage is all about taking an honest look at things and knowing the right relationship questions to ask.  Below you’ll find some statements from the MyMarriageCoach Quiz.


Relationship Questions

Take a moment and respond either: 

Never or Almost Never, Sometimes, Often, Always or Almost Always. 

  • I value my spouse’s opinion.
  • I can be too controlling.
  • I am completely open and honest with my spouse.
  • My wife and I enjoy doing things just for fun.
  • I keep secrets from my wife.
  • I look for new ways to make my wife’s life easier.
  • We stick to a written budget.
  • We make time to be actively involved in a church/religious community.
  • We share the household chores equally. 
  • We disagree about how much debt is acceptable.
  • I make time with my spouse a priority. 
  • I appreciate my spouse.
  • We disagree about how decisions are made in a marriage.
  • We go to bed angry.
  • We talk about spiritual issues.

If you were challenged by these relationship questions check out the rest by clicking on the

“Get your Marriage Score” button on the right.

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