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Things to Do for New Year’s Eve

2012 December 27

If you are looking for some things to do for New Year’s Eve, here are a few ideas…

1)  Cook dinner together.

2)  Family game night.

3)  Write out your goals/plans for 2013.

4)  Go for a walk and plan to be under the stars as the new year arrives.

5)  Go skating or bowling.

6)  Plan a family movie night, maybe even pull out the old pictures & home movies.

7)  Volunteer to serve dinner at a local homeless shelter.

8)  Load up the family and go to a “Watch Night Service” at a church near you.

9)  Book a B&B close-by.

10)  Destination unknown…pile in the car with blankets and candles then see where you end up.

Just remember, it’s not where you go or what you do, it’s who you spend the evening with that really matters.

Happy New Year!

 Things to do for New Year’s Eve

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