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Top Ten Ways to Improve Your Marriage

2015 February 14
by The Marriage Coach

Top Ten Ways to Improve Your Marriage

Top Ten Ways to Improve your Marriage

If you’re looking for ways to improve your marriage, we highly recommend starting here.  As you read through the list, rate yourself on how you’re doing in each area or better yet, ask your spouse how you’re doing in each one!  Seriously, talk through this list with your husband or wife and use it to evaluate the state of your marriage. Good luck! Top 10 ways to improve your marriage.

1. Compliment and Brag on your Spouse – Healthy marriages have high levels of respect. Both husbands and wives need to know that they are loved unconditionally, valued, appreciated, and worth pursuing. Commit not to simply telling your husband and wife how incredible they are, tell them in front of other people.

2. Be Honest – Clear, open and honest conversation is essential to strong marriages. Couples must be able to relate well, resolve conflicts without name calling and extend forgiveness frequently. In order for a marriage to remain healthy and strong, no topic can be ‘off limits’.

3. Talk about Your Faith – It’s critical that husbands and wives encourage each other spiritually. Each person is committed to understanding the other person’s beliefs and thoughts related to religion and faith. One of the best things that we can do for our spouses is to help them grow in their relationship with God.

4. Be a Good Friend First – It’s essential for couples to laugh and have fun together. Common interests are important however husbands and wives that are close friends also give each other permission to be themselves.

5. Fight Fair – Husbands and wives don’t have to agree on every topic but there’s a good way to express your feelings without saying hurtful things that you’ll regret. When you find yourself in an argument, don’t simply walk away mad, decide to keep talking and working through things so that neither of you will go to bed angry.

6. Make Time for Intimacy – It’s important for husbands and wives to be intimate allies confiding, sharing and supporting each other in every way possible. People in thriving marriages remain committed to romance, fulfilling sexual needs and offering emotional support. If you have to put it on the calendar, then put it on the calendar!

7. Be Romantic – Whether it’s leaving small notes, voicemails, or texts, find ways to flirt with your spouse. Find ways to let your husband or wife know that they are worth pursuing and that you’d marry them all over again.

8. Set Clear Financial Goals – With financial disagreements being one of the leading factors behind many divorces, it’s critical for husbands and wives to set financial goals together. Decide how you are going to work to eliminate debt and save for the future together.

9. Be Intentional about Building your Marriage – Healthy marriages don’t just happen, they’re designed and built. In order for husbands and wives to continue to grow closer, both individuals must intentionally invest time and energy into the marriage.

10. Find a Way to Serve Each Other Every Day – People in strong marriages know the importance of serving one another and the value of teamwork. Each day ask yourself, what can I do to make my husband’s or wife’s life day better today?

If you these 10 ways to improve your marriage have been beneficial to you please let us here from you!

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