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Top Three Ingredients of a Successful Marriage

2015 March 1
by The Marriage Coach

Successful marriages must have these three ingredients:


In order for a marriage to thrive, there must be mutual respect.  This involves listening to what the other person has to say as well as having an appreciation for his/her point of view.  It also means no name-calling or not putting your spouse down.  Successful marriages always contain a high level of respect.


Love is demonstrated through sacrifice.  This means that sometimes we must be willing to put our own needs aside for the sake of the relationship.  This can be tough because our culture always tells us to look out for ourselves and push our way to the top.  It can be tough to defer and not demand to always get our way.  Successful marriages always center around sacrifice.


This is the most basic ingredient of any successful marriage.  There’s no room for secrets or ‘little white lies’.  Husbands and wives must be able to trust each other implicitly so that absolutely anything can be shared.  Trust can be rebuilt even if it has been broken.  Know that it will take time for it to be re-established but it can be done and your marriage can thrive again.

So what if one or more of these ingredients are missing from your marriage?

These three ingredients are essential so if one of them are missing from your marriage, work to add it back.  Pray for it and make sure that it’s evident in your own life first.  Model it everyday and God will grow it in your marriage and make it successful in every way.

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